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Dr. Robert Ozello


  • Dr. Rob is a miracle worker. I started seeing him back in 2002 to deal with chronic hip and lower back pain due to intensive exercise on my bike. I moved to Colorado for eight years and never, ever found someone as good. Now that I'm back he was one of my first calls after getting foot surgery about 2 months ago. He has relieved my back pain and I'll continue to see him to alleviate a neuroma on the same foot.

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  • My family and I have been seeing Dr. Ozello for over ten years. I have referred many friends to him over the years, with unanimously great results. I would not hesitate to refer him again.

    I started seeing Dr. Ozello because I had numbness in my leg to the point that I could not bear weight on it. Dr. Ozello completely cleared up the problem over 4-5 sessions and has taken great care of my back, knees, neck etc. over the years. He got my 19 year old daughter back in shape after she was hit by a car while riding a bicycle. He also treats my husband and my other young adult daughter. He is the best chiropractor/applied kinesiologist we have seen. If it were not for him I would not be working full time or walking.

    Dr. Ozello direct bills my insurance and I pay a very small (less than $30) copay each time I see him. We have never had a billing problem with him and he has never misrepresented any changes to us. Thanks, Joan

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  • My family has been seeing Dr. Ozello for more than 16 years. Whenever I don't feel well, if I go and see Dr. Ozello, my immune system gets back on track and I feel much better. Note that this does not mean I necessarily have back pain. Whatever the problem, whether a virus or a digestive system issue or even insomnia, Dr. Ozello's approach is fast and effective.

    Most recently, Dr. Ozello helped my son who is in his 20s with unexplained vertigo. He had an CT scan and an MRI and nothing was found. It went on for a few weeks. After going to Dr. Ozello a few times, he is no longer experiencing vertigo.

    Dr. Ozello takes a holistic approach and uses applied kinesiology. He is a chiropractor but also much more than a chiropractor, which is why he can help with most illnesses as well as injuries.

    Another important thing to note: some chiropractors require coming back many times, again and again. In some case, like the vertigo, it takes multiple treatments, but frequently I find that going once to see him is very effective.

    I recommend Dr. Ozello very highly for whatever health challenges you may be facing. I am so glad to be able to call on him when I am not feeling well.

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  • I was referred to Dr. Ozello by a neighbor when I was experiencing some back pain. I had never been to a chiropractor before, but decided I'd give it a try for some relief.

    I'm glad I did! I immediately felt some improvement and after a few visits, I was pain free.

    Several months later, I pulled some muscles in my neck and back. I thought I'd get a referral for PT, but given COVID, I couldn't easily arrange it. That same neighbor suggested I again give Dr. Oz a call. By this time, it was 3 weeks of pain, I again thought I'd give it a shot. Again, Dr. Oz was able to resolve my malady after a few visits!

    Now, when I have any back or neck pain, I immediately call Dr. Oz, who is always accommodating, arranges a visit in short order, and puts me back to 100% in no time.

    I would highly recommend Dr. Oz to address back and neck pain.

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  • Dr Ozelllo took me from a life of 20 years of misery and pain where my medical doctors and chiropractors had failed to correctly diagnose my problem. Within two weeks of adhering to his protocol I was alleviated from pain and within six months was totally healed. He gave me a new lease on life for which I will be ever grateful! I can unreservedly say Dr. Ozelllo is top in his field.

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  • It's difficult to know where to start with my story, as I was extremely ill when I first saw Dr. Ozello. I was an avid runner and my symptoms began after a minor injury from a 10k race and progressed to major issues. I had severe nerve pain down the left side of my body, to the point that walking a few steps was a major struggle. The pain was never ending and everything I tried would not provide relief. I had seen specialist after specialist over a 10 month period and as my health was quick

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  • Prior to meeting Rob Ozello I walked in pain for years. Went to many Chiropractors and Doctors...Rob fixed me in two visits...that was years ago...he is amazing...since then I see him when I have pain and he always fixes it...HIGHLY recommend Dr. Rob Ozello!!

    - Barry L. IV