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Dr. Robert Ozello


  • Dr Ozelllo took me from a life of 20 years of misery and pain where my medical doctors and chiropractors had failed to correctly diagnose my problem. Within two weeks of adhering to his protocol I was alleviated from pain and within six months was totally healed. He gave me a new lease on life for which I will be ever grateful! I can unreservedly say Dr. Ozelllo is top in his field.

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  • It's difficult to know where to start with my story, as I was extremely ill when I first saw Dr. Ozello. I was an avid runner and my symptoms began after a minor injury from a 10k race and progressed to major issues. I had severe nerve pain down the left side of my body, to the point that walking a few steps was a major struggle. The pain was never ending and everything I tried would not provide relief. I had seen specialist after specialist over a 10 month period and as my health was quickly declining, the medical bills were piling up, but I was feeling no relief. Not only was I beginning to use a wheel chair, I was also losing my hair, had numerous unexplained bruises, had chronic pain in literally every joint in my body, and felt nauseous frequently. The pain in my left leg was so excruciating that if someone told me removing it would end the pain, I would've asked where to sign. My leg was swollen, discolored, and useless. One visit with Dr. Ozello and I was walking again. He took the time to really listen to everything that was going haywire in my body and properly diagnose it. Not only were his manipulations immediately helpful, he also explained how nutrition would help me reduce the inflammation that was wreaking havoc on my immune system. The depression from the pain I was experiencing combined with lack of answers was overwhelming and over time, Dr. Ozello's treatment got me back to feeling normal and like me again. I'm very grateful that Dr. Ozello was able to help me turn my life back around.

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  • Prior to meeting Rob Ozello I walked in pain for years. Went to many Chiropractors and Doctors...Rob fixed me in two visits...that was years ago...he is amazing...since then I see him when I have pain and he always fixes it...HIGHLY recommend Dr. Rob Ozello!!

    - Barry L. IV