Patient Helped With Concussion

Mary a long time patient came in with a new injury. She fell backward and hit her head on a shovel that was on the ground. After a trip to the emergency room where a concussion was diagnosed she came in for an evaluation.

She had headaches, dizziness, neck pain with fatigue and lack of focus.

Shed had whiplashed her neck and also had cranial faults which are misalignments of the cranial bones. I corrected these distortions as well as the cervical and cranial muscles and adjusted her spine.

Mary immediately felt better! I gave her nutritional support for the concussion. I continued treating her.

She quickly improved over the next two weeks much to the delight and surprise of her neurologist.

She was cleared to go back to work and had a rapid recovery.

I am honored and grateful to help her back to health and to a full recovery.